Lugarde Windows & Doors

Keops Interlock

Windows & Doors - Price List 2016
All Lugarde windows and doors are now 24mm double glazed as standard. All prices include VAT. Doors have a height of 180cm or you can have a taller 193.5cm version. All single doors are left hinged as standard. If you require right hinged doors, please indicate at time of order. With double doors, the right door will open first.

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DD01 Single door (solid)770x1800 £395   PE60 Double door 1210x1800 £575
DD01H Single door (solid) 770x1035 £425   PE60H Double door 1210x1935 £595
DD02 Single door 770x1800 £395   PE60XL Double door 1510x2070 £735
DD02H Single door (solid) 770x1935 £425   PE61 Single door 770x1800 £395
DD03H Single panel door 770x1935 £490   PE61H Single door 770x1935 £425
MG01 Single door with frosted glass 770x1935 £425   PJ03 Top hung window 77x10000 £280
MG01H Single door with frosted glass 770x1935 £440   PJ04 Single door 770x1800 £425
MG02 Double door with frosted glass 1210x1935 £635   PJ04H Single ddor 770x1935 £440
MG02H Double door with frosted glass 1210x1935 £650   PJ05 Fixed window 340x730 £85
MG50 Top hung window with frosted glass 1140x340 £185   PJ06 Fixed window 340x1530 £100
PA03 Window frame 770x1140 £80   PJ07 Fixed window (vent) 340x1530 £145
PA04 Door frame 770x1800 £110   PJ08 Top hung window 460x550 £180
PC03 Window frame 1000x1140 £85   PJ23 Top hung window 1935x340 £210
PC04 Door frame 1000x1800 £115   PJ24 Fixed window 1935x340 £145
PE06 Casement window 1000x1530 Discontinued   PJ25 Fixed window 1530x1000 £185
PE07 Double door 1000x1800 Discontinued   PJ26 Fixed window 770x1800 £295
PE07H Double door 1000x1935 Discontinued   PJ27 Fixed window 770x1800 * with lead £475
PE21 Casement window 1000x1140 £435   PR26 Top hung window £320
PE22 Double door 1000x1800 £620   PR28 Casement window 1000x1140 £495
PE22H Double door 1000x1935 £635   PR29 Single door 770x1800 £440
PE23 Casement window 1210x1140 £455   PR29H Single door 770x1935 £480
PE24 Double door 1210x1800 £635   PR30 Double door 1000x1800 £690
PE24H Double door 1210x1935 £650   PR30H Double door 1000x1935 £705
PE25 Casement window 1000x1530 £425   PX37 Top hung window 770x1000 £280
PE26 Double door 1000x1800 £560   PX39 Single door 770x1800 £425
PE26H Double door 1000x1935 £575   PX39H Single door 770x1935 £440
PE27 Casement window 1210x1530 £565   PX44 Top hung window 770x1140 £295
PE28 Double door 1210x1800 £715   PX45 Single door 770x1800 £425
PE28H Double door 1210x1935 £730   PX45H Single door 770x1935 £440
PE40 Casement window 1210x1530 £495   DL01H 3 panel folding door 1495x1935 £805
PE41 Double door 1210x1800 £620   VL01H 4 panel folding door 1995x1935 £940
PE41H Double door 1210x1935 £650   VL02H 4 panel folding door 2415x1935 £1,030
PE44 Casement window 121x153 £425   SD200 Single sliding door 2000x1935 £830
PE45 Double door 1210x1800 £575   SD300 Double sliding door 3000x1935 £1,385
PE45H Double door 1210x1935 £595   GD01 Up and over garage door 2290x1935 pre treated wood £1,075
PE45XL Double door solid 1520x2070 £735   GD02 Double garage door 2290x2000 £820
PE45F Double door solid 1210x1800 £715   GD03 Electric garage door 2290x2000 £2,370
PE45FH Double door solid 1210x1935 £730   Make 770 single door 1000mm wide £85
PE46 Single door 770x1800 £395   Pre treatment of doors/windows £+15%
PE46H Single door 770x1935 £425   Paint windows/doors £+30%
PE47 Single tilt and turn window 770x1000 £435   Make single door right hand hinged £0
PE48 Double tilt and turn window 1290x1000 £565   Cross bars per pane of glass £35
PE49 Double tilt and turn window 1210x1530 £620   Toughened glass per pane £60
PE50H Double door 1510x1935 £705   Glass sliding walls (log cabins/prima/pro) See options
PE50XL Double door 1510x2070 £775   Impregnating agent 2.5L £45
PE51 Top hung window 770x1800 £335   Woodstain 2.5L £45